CSHub researchers collaborate with and communicate key results to industry partners, DOTs (departments of transportation), the construction industry, and other key decision-makers. The materials in this section are designed to aid in communicating about our research activities. View and download materials via the links below.

Journal Articles

To find journal articles published by CSHub researchers, you can visit our library of peer-reviewed publications.

Information Sheets and Infographics

CSHub information sheets explain the Hub’s work to the general public in concise and approachable ways. You can view these sheets below. The graphics and findings presented in these information sheets have also been incorporated into shareable infographics.

Research Summaries

CSHub research summaries provide stakeholders with a background on the Hub’s main research interests and summarize the key findings made by researchers since the Hub's inception over a decade ago.

Research Topic Summaries

Topic summaries examine the research topics from the fact sheets in greater detail. They offer in-depth descriptions of the Hub’s core research interests, including building resilience, network asset management, and more.

Research Briefs

Research briefs present the latest CSHub research to the public and are published on a monthly basis. Their findings are often incorporated into the Hub’s topic summaries. You can explore research briefs on a variety of topics below.


We offer public webinars on a nearly monthly basis, and recordings of our past webinars are available on our YouTube Channel. The sessions offer information of general interest to members of the building, paving, and construction communities, as well as to educators, students, journalists, and law and policy-makers interested in the environmental and economic impacts of decision-making concerning infrastructure. Our public webinars are free and open to all and designed for a lay audience. Click here for the regularly updated schedule and a list of archived videos.

Monthly Newsletter

The CSHub monthly newsletter provides updates on the Hub's activities, including the latest topic summaries, research briefs, publications, and media coverage. You can sign up here.

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