What We Do

Research at the CSHub is focused on three main platforms of concrete:

  • Materials Science: The CSHub uses a range of modeling techniques, starting at the atomic level, to predict structures and properties that will improve how cement is designed, reduce CO2 emissions, and enable US leadership in future cement technologies.
  • Buildings & Pavements: The CSHub explores innovative solutions for concrete engineering applications in buildings and pavements. For buildings, research focuses on durability, energy efficiency, and resiliency. For pavements, research focuses on improving structure and design that can result in increased fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs.
  • Economics & Environment:  The CSHub adopts a long-term approach to decision-making, considering the entire lifetime of a building or pavement. Through improved life cycle assessment and life cycle cost analysis techniques, the CSHub can help stakeholders wisely use limited funding for infrastructure projects while considering environmental impacts.

We're designing for LIFE: Life-cycle thinking, Innovation, Fiscal responsibility, Environmental leadership. Please click on the links in the right sidebar to learn more about our work in each of these areas.