Durability Research Briefs

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Chart image from "Two-Phase Model of Pavement Fracture" brief
Research Brief: Two-Phase Model of Pavement Fracture
June 2, 2016

CSHub researchers are working to understand pavement fracture at all levels, from the nano-scale up, so it is important to have a model that allows for the evaluation of cracks as they are forming...

Chart image from research brief on ASR modeling
Research Brief: Bottom-up Modeling of ASR in Concrete
March 30, 2016

Alkali–silica reaction (ASR) occurs in some concretes between the highly alkaline pore solution and reactive silica components of certain aggregates. An alkali-silica gel forms that may expand...

Image from Modeling freeze-thaw in concrete
Research Brief: Modeling Freeze-Thaw in Concrete
May 22, 2015

Damage to concrete slabs during freezing and thawing cycles represents a major challenge to pavement durability and resilience. This brief explores freeze-thaw cycles in concrete using models that...