Hessam Azarijafari

Former Postdoctoral Associate
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering



Hessam is an industrial ecology researcher with a background in civil engineering and construction management. His research strives to make the current life cycle modeling and technosphere-ecosphere interactions assessment more accurate, and also to make scientific and industrial communities aware of their own actions on the environment. In this regard, Hessam has been focusing on the symbiosis of various infrastructures, such as pavements and buildings. Learn more by visting Hessam's personal website.


Selected Publications

AzariJafari, H., Yahia, A., and Amor, B. "Removing Shadows from Consequential LCA through a Time-Dependent Modeling Approach: Policy-Making in the Road Pavement Sector," Environmental Science & Technology, 2019, 53 (3), 1087-1097.
AzariJafari, A., Taheri Amiri, M.J., Ashrafian, A., Rasekh, H., Barforooshi, M.J., Berenjian, J., "Ternary blended cement: An eco-friendly alternative to improve resistivity of high-performance self-consolidating concrete against elevated temperature," Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 223, 2019,
Pages 575-586.
AzariJafari, H., Yahia, A. & Amor, B. "Assessing the individual and combined effects of uncertainty and variability sources in comparative LCA of pavements," Int J Life Cycle Assess (2018) 23: 1888.
AzariJafari, H., Yahia, A., Ben Amor, M. "Life cycle assessment of pavements: reviewing research challenges and opportunities,
Journal of Cleaner Production
," Volume 112, Part 4, 2016, Pages 2187-2197.