Roland Pellenq, Former Senior Research Scientist

Roland J.-M. Pellenq
Former Senior Research Scientist


  • M.Sc. 1989, University of Marseille
  • Ph.D. 1994, Imperial College, London

Research Interests

Dr. Pellenq's research interests focus on the thermodynamics and dynamic properties of molecular, ionic and covalent fluids confined in porous materials (zeolites, microporous carbons, mesoporous oxide materials, clay, cement, and others). Using atomistic simulation techniques, he integrates adsorption intermolecular potentials to describe a material's texture at the nano level.

Selected Publications

  1. Katerina Ioannidou, Konrad J. Krakowiak, Mathieu Bauchy, Christian G. Hoover, Enrico Masoero, Sidney Yip, Franz-Josef Ulm, Pierre Levitz, Roland J.-M. Pellenq, and Emanuela Del Gado, The mesoscale texture of CSH, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the US (PNAS), 2016 | vol. 113 | no. 8 | 2029–2034,
  2. Bauchy, Mathieu, Qomi, Mohammad Javad Abdolhosseini, Bichara, Christophe, Franz-Josef, Pellenq, Roland J.-M., Rigidity Transition in Materials: Hardness is Driven by Weak Atomic Constraints, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 114 12 125502 (2015),
  3. Qomi, Mohammad Javad Abdolhosseini, Ulm, Franz-Josef, Pellenq, Roland J. -M., Physical Origins of Thermal Properties of Cement Paste, PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED 3 6 064010 (2015)
  4. M. J. Abdolhosseini Qomi, K. J. Krakowiak, M. Bauchy, K. A. Stewart, R. Shahsavari, D. Jagannathan, D. B. Brommer, A. Baronnet, M. J. Buehler, S. Yip, F.-J Ulm, K. J. Van Vliet, R. J.-M. Pellenq,  Combinatorial molecular optimization of cement hydrates, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 5, Article number: 4960, doi:10.1038/ncomms5960, 2014
  5. K. Ioannidou, R. J.-M. Pellenq and E. Del Gado, Controlling local packing and growth in calcium-silicate-hydrate gels, SOFT MATTER, 10, Pages: 1121-1133, 2014
  6. B. Coasne, A. Galarneau; Pellenq, R. J.-M. Pellenq et al., Adsorption, intrusion and freezing in porous silica: the view from the nanoscale, CHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS, 42, Pages: 4141-4171, 2013
  7. P. Levitz, P. A Bonnaud, P. A. Cazade, R. J.-M. Pellenq; B. A. Coasne, Molecular intermittent dynamics of interfacial water: probing adsorption and bulk confinement, SOFT MATTER, 9, Pages: 8654-8663  2013
  8. E. Masoero, E. Del Gado, R. J.-M. Pellenq et al., Nanostructure and Nanomechanics of Cement: Polydisperse Colloidal Packing, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 109, 155503, 2012
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