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CSHub researcher Mehdi Noori
Researcher Profile: Mehdi Noori
Tue, 01/03/2017
Mehdi Noori joined the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub team in the fall of 2016. “My job here is to...
Debris and damage from Hurricane Ivan in Pensacola, Florida, Sept. 17, 2004 / / Jocelyn Augustino/FEMA/Wikimedia Commons
MIT News Covers Benefits of Hazard Resistant Structures
Wed, 12/21/2016
Hazard-induced maintenance costs can be significant over the lifetime of a building. We're...
CSHub Presents Break Even Metric to State Officials
Mon, 12/12/2016
CSHub Executive Director Jeremy Gregory joined Build with Strength, a coalition of the National...
Chart from Research Brief: Minimizing Thermal Cracking in Concrete Pavements
Research Brief: Minimizing Thermal Cracking in Concrete Pavements
Wed, 11/30/2016
Stresses resulting from thermal cycles within concrete pavements can cause expansion, contraction,...
MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub researcher Thomas Petersen
Researcher Profile: Thomas Petersen
Wed, 11/30/2016
Thomas Petersen joined the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub after taking a course instructed by...
Webinar displayed on a computer screen
Fall 2016 Speaking Engagements
Tue, 11/29/2016
Speaking engagements in September, October and November included presentations at: the...
Taking the Lifecycle Perspective
Mon, 11/28/2016
To understand the full environmental impact of a structure over decades of use, all phases—starting...
City Hall, Toronto, Ontario
Invisible City Podcast: Concrete Ideas for Sustainable Cities
Tue, 11/08/2016
Concrete is the most widely used building material on Earth, second only to water. As Jennifer...
A precast concrete wall section is lifted into place.
Report: Comparing Whole Building & Building Product Environmental Performance
Mon, 10/17/2016
Within the buildings sector, the emergence of guides, standards, product category rules, and...
Chart shows percentage of life cycle energy in Use Phase vs Life Time (years)
Revised Report: LCA for Residential Buildings: Literature Review & Gap Analysis
Wed, 10/12/2016
What is the environmental impact of a house throughout its lifetime? This revised report (October...