Speaking Engagements March, April 2017

MIT CSHub Faculty Director Franz Josef Ulm presents to USTDA Delegates from India
May 1, 2017

In March and April 2017, CSHub researchers traveled to Illinios, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Portugal, and also welcomed two groups of international visitors to campus.

In March, CSHub Executive Director Jeremy Gregory headed to Portugal to serve on the jury for the Ph.D. thesis defense of CSHub collaborator Carla Rodrigues at the Universidade de Coimbra. Carla’s thesis explored “Life Cycle Environmental and Cost Assessment of Building Retrofits," which is inline with the work she has conducted with the CSHub helping to advance our work on streamlined embodied life cycle assessment and energy models for residential buildings.

Throughout March and April, our team was on the road presenting concrete pavements research at workshops and conferences. Presentations took members of our team to Denver for the Colorado/Wyoming Concrete Pavement Workshop (March 16), Oklahoma for the Oklahoma Concrete Pavement Conference (March 29), and Illinois for a Pavement LCA Conference (April 12-13).

Researchers also spoke on campus to two visiting USTDA delegations. The groups, one from Columbia and one from India, who visited MIT to learn about life cycle cost analysis, best value determinations, and risk management.