Research Presented at TRB Annual Meeting

CSHub researcher Xin Xu presents at the Transportation Review Board Annual Meeting
January 19, 2018

CSHub researchers opened 2018 with presentations at the 97th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Review Board. Researcher Xin Xu presented "Albedo/UHI: The Impact of Pavement Albedo on Radiative Forcing and Building Energy,” where she discussed an analytical approach to quantify global warming potential (GWP) savings due to increases in pavement albedo. At a session exploring "Major Advances in Pavement Management Systems," Fengdi Guo and Omar Swei presented a poster entitled "Asset Management: Sensitivity Analysis of Performance Metrics to Different Parameters in Pavement Management Systems." And, at a session which examined work on pavement surface characteristics, Medhi Akbarian presented a poster entitled, "Pavement LCA/PVI: Probabilistic Evaluation of Pavement-Induced Excess Fuel Consumption Given Data Unavailability and Future Uncertainty.”