Research Brief: Analyzing Pavement-Vehicle Interaction through Bench-Top Experiments

Depicts a Pavement Vehicle Interaction (PVI), a wheel first stationary then rolling on a model surface.
August 26, 2015

Pavement Vehicle Interaction (PVI) can significantly contribute to the overall economic and environmental footprint of high traffic volume pavement systems. Past studies examining PVI have taken an empirical approach, using actual trucks on actual pavements. At a large scale, these experiments are limited, costly and time consuming. CSHub researchers developed a novel small-scale experiment which allowed them, for the first time, to isolate and observe the interaction between a wheel and model pavement structure and directly measure the forces resulting from deflection-induced PVI (the idea that a vehicle has to overcome a resisting force from within the pavement structure). Their experiment proves the existence of deflection-induced PVI. It also confirmed that energy dissipation is greatest at lower speeds and under high loads, and that an increase in pavement stiffness minimizes the impact. MORE.