Motor Trend: How the Future of Concrete Could Pay Huge Environmental Dividends

Image Credit: Isabel Espanol for Motor Trend
April 13, 2016

Senior Research Scientist and CSHub Principal Investigator Roland Pellenq spoke with Motor Trend about recent research that answered some fundamental questions about the microscopic structure and behavior of cement. Motor Trend reported, "Pellenq’s team is developing computer models for predicting the crystal structures that result from particular cement formulations. They’re also working to model mechanical loading of concrete structures formed by these mixes—say, for example, the impact of heavy trucks traversing a stretch of roadway."

In February, CSHub researchers, together with a team of researchers from Georgetown University, and France’s CNRS, published research in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences identifying key factors in the structure of CSH that could help researchers work out better formulations for producing more durable concrete. "Optimizing concrete formulations to suit particular applications has the promise of greatly extending the material’s useful life. This will pay huge environmental dividends..." wrote Motor Trend. Read more.

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