CSHub Researcher Thibaut Divoux Receives Arthur B. Metzner Award

May 3, 2018

Thibaut Divoux, a research scientist with the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub (CSHub) and a member of the mixed unit CNRS-MIT, is the recipient of the 2018 Early Career Arthur B. Metzner Award of the Rheology Society, the most prestigious award in the field of rheology for young researchers.

The award citation reads, “For outstanding contributions to the understanding of shear-induced yielding transitions in soft glassy materials. Thibaut Divoux has unraveled the existence of long-lived transient shear bands that are key to the rheology of yield stress fluids and he demonstrated deep connections between the failure mechanisms of hard and soft amorphous solids.”

In addition to his work with the CSHub, Divoux works closely with researchers across MIT, including Andrew Whittle, Herbert Einstein (in the MIT Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, CEE), Gareth H McKinley (Mechanical Engineering, MechE), Martin Bazant (Chemical Engineering, ChemE), and also with researchers from the Harvard Medical School. Additionally, he is actively involved with The MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) through a collaboration with TOTAL.

The award, which recognizes a distinguished, early career rheologist, will be presented at the 90th Annual Meeting of The Society of Rheology in Houston in October 14-18, 2018. Divoux will receive the award and deliver the Metzner Award lecture.

Rheology, a branch of mechanics, is the study of the properties of materials which determine their response to mechanical force.