CSHub Researcher Josh Hester Named Martin Fellow

CSHub researcher Josh Hester
June 2, 2016

Josh Hester, a researcher with the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, has been awarded a fellowship by the Martin Family Society of Fellows for Sustainability for the 2016-2017 year. Martin Fellows, as the honorees are known, are selected through a competitive process and receive two semesters of funding.

“It's an honor to join this group of students who are dedicated to sustainability in their research and beyond, and I look forward to making new connections and learning about other work going on at MIT,” Hester said.

Administered by the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative, in coordination with the Office of the Dean of Graduate Education and with the guidance of a Governance Committee comprised of faculty from across the Institute, Martin Fellowships have been supporting doctoral students at MIT since 1997. Established through the generous support of the Martin Foundation, the fellowship fosters graduate-level research, education, and collaboration in sustainability. The Fellows join a diverse peer group to share research and multidisciplinary networking and career development activities.

Hester’s fellowship will support his work in the CSHub to continue developing a streamlined life cycle assessment (LCA) method for buildings. This work aims to enable feedback on the environmental performance of a building at earlier stages of the design process when the design is more uncertain and also more flexible.

“I am interested in this project because I am concerned about climate change and want to help improve the environmental performance of the building sector, which currently accounts for a large percentage of greenhouse gas emissions in the US,” Hester said in a recent interview.

According to a webpage for the Martin Family Society of Fellows for Sustainability, the society “supports and connects MIT’s top graduate students in environmental studies and fosters opportunities for multidisciplinary cooperation in both the short and long term.”