CSHub Faculty Director Quoted in "The Verge"

Illustration: a bandaid stretches across a cartoon stretch of road with cars traveling across it. (James Bareham for The Verge)
May 11, 2017

Have scientists discovered the cure for potholes? CSHub Faculty Director Franz-Josef Ulm spoke with The Verge about our pavements research for a story on new advances in road repairs. Verge writer Angela Chen cited a CSHub work that is "looking at how to reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles by tweaking the material of the roads," referring to work our team is doing to better explain the impacts of pavement vehicle interaction (PVI).  “When you drive on pavement with your car, you create a little dimple,” Ulm told Chen. “You don’t see it because it’s very small, but because of the behavior and texture of the material you’re actually always driving slightly uphill.”

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(Illustration: James Bareham for The Verge]