Laurent K Béland, Postdoctoral Fellow / MIT Energy Initiative

77 Massachusetts Avenue, E19
Cambridge, MA, 02139



  • 2014 PhD, Physics, Université de Montréal (Canada)
  • 2008 BSc, Physics,  Université de Montréal (Canada)

Research Interests (please include a brief description of your CSHub Research):

Dr. Béland develops and performs accelerated atomistic and mesoscale simulations. The simulations can access timescales out of the reach of traditional computer simulations, of the order of seconds, hours or even years (while traditional simulations are typically limited to timescales of microseconds or less). Among the systems being simulated, he is looking at deformation mechanisms in mesoscale models of cement paste, as well as diffusion paths for various impurities in cement pastes.

Selected Publications

  • Béland, Laurent Karim, Yuri N. Osetsky, and Roger E. Stoller. "Atomistic material behavior at extreme pressures." Nature’s Computational Materials 2 (2016): 16007
  • Zhang, Y., Stocks, G.M., Jin, K., Lu, C., Bei, H., Sales, B.C., Wang, L., Béland, L.K., Stoller, R.E., Samolyuk, G.D. and Caro, M. Influence of chemical disorder on energy dissipation and defect evolution in concentrated solid solution alloys. Nature communications, 6 (2015)
  • Béland, Laurent Karim, et al. "Replenish and relax: Explaining logarithmic annealing in ion-implanted c-Si." Physical review letters 111.10 (2013): 105502